Terms And Conditions

This Confidentiality Policy shall apply to the EduPay Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company” or “EduPay”) Website (https://edupay.ge) (hereinafter the “Website”) and application (hereinafter the “Application”), providing the possibility to view online payment of tuition fees of the educational institutions existing in Georgia and student indebtedness (hereinafter the “Service”).

The purpose of the site is to inform the Website/Application visitors/customers on the policy of collecting, using and disclosing the personal information by us.

Having agreed to this Confidentiality Policy, you express your consent to collect and use the information in compliance with this Policy.

If you (hereinafter the “Customer/Payer”) are registering in our Application or keep using the Website/Application, it means that you are expressing your consent to collect and use the information in compliance with this Policy. The personal information, we are collecting, is used for the Service improvement purposes and to provide you with various marketing offers.

Registration/authorization in the Application is possible upon passing the authorization based on the data sent by us.

The Company can obtain the personal information even without your registration in the Company Application.

Collection of the Information

While registration you will need to submit the personal data, including, but not limited to:

  • name and surname;
  • personal number;
  • phone number;
  • email address;
  • date of birth.

After completion of the operation, for using our Website/ Application/ Service, our company is saving the following information:

  • transaction history;
  • the number of inspections made by a visitor with the student’s personal number;
  • and other similar information.

We may obtain the information described in this Confidentiality Policy from such sources as 1. The Educational Institution – the information about you can be provided to us by the school; 2. Other resources – we can collect the information about you from other publicly available sources.

Upon payment of the tuition fee through the Website or Application, we are collecting the following personal information:

  • payer’s name and surname;
  • personal number;
  • paid amount;
  • the student whose tuition fee has been paid;
  • payment history, including, payment of a concrete tranche;
  • name of the educational institution, which the payment has been made to.

Using the Information

We are retaining the right to use, collect or/and disclose your personal information with the purpose, which includes, but is not limited to the following list:

  • your identification and using the Website/Application;
  • providing you with our Service, including, checking the payment history and payment of the fee;
  • communication with you, including, information on the changes to our service;
  • ensuring security and sufficient environment for safe provision of the service;
  • observation of the legislation and initiation and defending of legal proceedings;
  • providing customer support to you;
  • implementation of our conditions and policy;
  • promotion of our company/Website/Application for advertising and marketing companies (including sharing the information and customer content in various social networks);
  • sharing the marketing information with you;
  • for the purposes of statistics and service analyzes.

Collection of Information

You are personally submitting the majority of the data, which we are collecting. We are collecting the data and processing them, when you are:

  • registering in online mode through the application;
  • paying the tuition fee (at the same time we are saving your payment history);
  • checking the student’s payment history;
  • using or browsing our Website with the help of the cookie-files of your browser;
  • contact us by email or online chat.

Your Rights

Awareness of all our customers related to application policy of our Website/Application is important for us. Respectively, we would like to be sure, that you have comprehensive understanding of all your rights related to protection of your data. Each customer has the following rights:

  • Access Right – you are entitled to request the copies of your personal data from us. In the exchange for the mentioned service we may impose on you small fee, including the cost of producing the copies;
  • Right to Correct– you are authorized to request correction/addition of the information, which, in your opinion, is not accurate/complete;
  • Right to Delete – you have the right to request partial or complete deletion of your personal data. In relation to the above, in each individual case, the decision will be made by the administration;
  • Processing Restriction Right – you can require to restrict processing of your personal data. In relation to the above, in each individual case, the decision will be made by the administration;
  • Processing Objection Right – you are authorized to object, observing the established conditions, processing of your personal data by our company;
  • Right to Hand Over the Data – you have the right to require from us, observing the established conditions, to hand your data over to some other organization or directly to you.

Authorization Data and Cookie-Files

We would like to inform you that while each visit to our Website/Application, we retain the right to collect the information, which is sent by your browser and which is called the Authorization Data. The mentioned data may contain the information such as your computer internet protocol (IP) address, browser version, our Service pages you are visiting, the time and date of your visit and other statistical data.

Cookie-files represent the files containing small amount of the data, which, usually, are used as unique anonymous identifiers. They are sent to your browser from the Website you are visiting, and are saved on your computer hard disk.

Our Website/Application uses the mentioned cookie-files for collection of the information and improvement of our service (e.g., to let you stay in the system, to understand how to make use of our Website/Application, etc.). You have the opportunity to accept or reject the mentioned cookie-files and find out when they were sent to your computer. Though, take into consideration, if you choose to reject the cookie-files, you may not be able to enjoy certain parts of our Service.

Service Providers

We may hire the third party(ies) (companies or/and physical entities) for the following purposes:

  • supporting our Service;
  • rendering the Service on our behalf;
  • implementation of the Service related services;
  • orassisting in analyzing application of our Service.

We would like to inform our Service customers that the mentioned third parties have access to your personal information. The purpose of the mentioned access is performing of the tasks imposed on them on our behalf. Besides, they are to avoid disclosure or/and using of the information with any other aim.

Security and Personal Data Keeping Time

We value the trust in us by providing your personal information, that’s why we are trying to use commercially acceptable means to protect them. Besides, please, remember, that none of the methods of transferring through the internet or electronic storage is 100% safe and reliable, so, respectively, we cannot guarantee absolute security.

We shall keep the information given in the sections Collection and Using of the Information and Data Collection for indefinite period of time, unless you request deletion of the mentioned personal information.

Other Website Links

Our Website/Application can involve other Website links. If you enter the third party’s link, through redirecting to the corresponding Website, please, take into consideration that we are not managing the external sites and we suggest to look through their Confidentiality Policy. We are not controlling and are not responsible for the content of the third party’s Websites or services, their confidentiality policy or practice.

Changes to this Confidentiality Policy

Our Confidentiality Policy may be subject to updating on occasions. Respectively, we suggest to look through the site periodically and check whether there are introduced changes or not. The information on any changes will be available for you upon allocation of the new Confidentiality Policy on the Website/Application. The mentioned changes will become valid immediately, upon publishing them in the Website/Application.

Contact Us:

Should you have any question or suggestion in relation to our Confidentiality Policy, please contact us immediately through the email or the Website/Application online chat.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions represent the agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) with mandatory power concluded between you and EduPay Ltd (hereinafter the “Company” or “EduPay”) and regulate application of the Company Website (https://edupay.ge/) (hereinafter “the Website”) and Application (hereinafter “the Application”) by you.

You (hereinafter the “Customer”) represent and guarantee that you are using the information given on the Website/Application only for payment of the student’s tuition fee.

You are reading the Terms and Conditions which govern the relationships and serve as a covenant between you and us and, also, establish the conditions according to which you can have access to the Website/Application and enjoy its service.

Prior to using the Website/Application, please, read attentively these Conditions and make sure, that you understand them and agree with them. Please take into consideration, that by using our Website/registering in the application or using it, you express your consent to be restricted by these Conditions. If you do not agree with the mentioned Conditions, you should not register in the application and should not make use of the Service conditions offered by the Website/Application. If you keep using the Website/Application, and try to find out the information on any student’s tuition fee or pay the tuition fee of some student, we shall deem your action to be the agreement to these Conditions.


Physical entities can register in our application. In order to register in our Application and get the service, the Website will ask you to submit the personal information, particularly, if the educational institution has not registered you in our application yet, you should submit the real name and surname of you and the student, phone number, email address and other requested information as indicated. The mentioned information can be obtained from the educational institution.

When you are using the Website/Application or sending an email for the purpose of using it, you are establishing electronic communication with us. You agree to communicate electronically with us. You declare that, all the covenants, notifications, disclosure and other communications, being provided electronically by us, meets any legal requirement according to which the communication shall be made in writing. To communicate through email, it is necessary to contact us from the email address, which you have registered while registration of your customer or confirm your identity in some other form. The mentioned form, in each certain case, shall be determined by us.

You agree that you are individually responsible for the actions (to us and the others), having been performed on your account. While creating the account you should ensure provision of accurate information and you should create just one account for certain personal purposes. We retain the right to cancel the account or suspend your access if you do not meet any provision of these Terms and Conditions or there are noticed some actions on your account, which, at our own discretion, can cause damage or loss to the third party or violate or infringe the rights of the latter or breach the effective legislation and regulations.

Responsibility for Access

We can provide you with a password and identification account to activate the access to a certain part of our Website/Application and give you the opportunity to use it. Always, when you are using the password or identification account or/and are using any service of the Website/application, it is deemed that you are authorized to the access to the Website/Application and use it in compliance with the conditions of this covenant and we have no obligation to investigate the authority of such access or its application source on the Website/Application.

You will be personally responsible for each access to and application of the Website/Application by any person, which is initially using the password and identifier given to you, despite the fact whether such access and application is permitted by you or not, which, including, but not limited to, applies to all communications, all responsibilities, having created through such access or application.

You are solely responsible for confidential storage of the password and identification data. You shall immediately notify us on unauthorized application of your password and identification account or any other violation or danger of violation of the security of this Website/Application.

Published Content

The content published on this Website/Application is intended for ensuring our Service and obtaining information. The content published on this Website/application gives the opportunity to check a student’s statuses in LIVE mode, to view the payment details and download a receipt. A payer has the opportunity to check the current indebtedness and payment schedule and then, if he/she wishes so, can pay the tuition fee with a card or by instant online installment plan.
If our content involves the links of some other sites and resources represented by the third parties, they will have just informative character. We are not able to control the contents of the mentioned sites and resources. Such links or the information found there shall not be considered as the Websites sanctioned by us.

Service Description

You have the opportunity to check the student statuses in LIVE mode, view the payments details and download a receipt. A payer has the opportunity to check the current indebtedness and payment schedule and then, as he/she wishes so, can pay the tuition fee with a card or by instant online installment plan.

Payment Policy

When you press the Payment button, you are providing us with certain authority, including crediting of the amount paid by you to the school account. You should not pay the tuition fee unless you are not acquainted with our Confidentiality Policy.

As soon as you make payment, it is assumed that you have read our Confidentiality Policy for payment of such tuition fee and, at the same time, you have agreed to them. Should you have any question or comment, please, contact us prior to payment.

Payment Offices and Fees

All transactions will be made in Georgian Lari. Payment shall be made with credit cards, particularly, MasterCard, Visa and AmEx cards. Paying the tuition fee, you are paying a commission for each payment, which is automatically added to the tuition fee. Pressing the Payment button, you express your consent to pay also the commission for using the EduPay Website/Application.

When making payment through the Website/Application and entering the card data, your banking details are automatically saved on the protected servers of the payment service providing company Cleared Systems Ltd. (ID 405258661) certified by National Bank of Georgia. The application, to make the service easier for you, is automatically saving the last four digits of the card.

Marketing Offers

By registering in this application you express your consent to accept marketing offers from the EduPay company and its affiliated entities, as by email and phone, so through the Application account. Besides, you agree to receiving marketing offers in the social networks registered with your email/phone.

Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights and require the same from you. Your consent on avoiding violation of the Company intellectual property rights represents the condition for entering and using the Website/Application.

Any content, uploaded to the Website/Application, represents the company’s intellectual property and you do not have the right to use, disseminate it or violate other intellectual property rights without the consent of the authorized entities. Such content can contain any content, including a photo, video, Website/application answers, uploaded information, etc.

All texts, graphics, button drawing, image, audio clip and program exclusively belong to EduPay or its affiliated entities. Exclusive right of collection, arrangement and setting up all the content of the site (Compilation) shall belong to EduPay or its affiliated entities. All the programs (Software) published on the Website/application represent the property of EduPay or its affiliated companies or its software providers. The content, compilation and software is protected by the Georgian and international copyright laws.

Confidentiality Policy

Agreeing to this Terms and Conditions you also agree to the Website/Application Confidentiality Policy.

To better understand our methods, please, get acquainted with our Confidentiality Policy, which also manages your visits to this Website/Application.

Termination and Impact of Termination

We retain the right to use against you any legal and proportionate protection means, including, termination of the contractual relationship created between EduPay and you as a result of agreeing to these Terms and Conditions immediately, without any preliminary notification, or revoke any or all rights granted based on such relationship. Upon termination of the mentioned relationship between EduPay and you, you are to terminate access to and using of the Website/application immediately and we, together with any other legal and counterbalance remedy, will immediately cancel the passwords and account identification data provided to you and terminate, fully or partially, access to and possibility to use this Website/application for you. Any termination of this relationship shall have no impact on the corresponding rights and obligations of the parties, having been created prior to the termination.


This Website/Application may include the links of other internet Websites, being the property of the third parties. You understand that we are not responsible for performance of any such Website or for the content given on such Websites or provided through them.


You agree that our legal remedies may be insufficient for any factual or hazardous violation of the agreement and we shall appeal to the concrete court order implementation right or both of them – even in the case of causing damage, for indemnification of which we shall have the legal right, together with the reasonable expenses incurred as a result of resolution of a dispute in any form, including, the lawyer’s fee in unlimited amount. None of our legal remedies represent an exclusive compared with any other right, be it legal or fair, including, without limitation, court order on damage indemnification; duties and costs. None of the cases or waiver of rights or legal remedies by us in compliance with these Conditions, shall impose on us any future obligation for similar or other waiver.

Guiding Legal Norm

Using the Website/Application you agree, that all corresponding legal acts of Georgia, without consideration of the principle of conflict of law, guide the conditions of application and any dispute, which may emerge between you and us.

Complaints and Claims

You can send us any question, complaint or claim by the email and through the account given in the application as well as via the Website/Application chat.


Any dispute or claim, resulting from application of the service disseminated through the Website/application or with the help of our Website/application, shall be resolved by the court of Georgia.

Autonomy of the Provisions Uploaded to the Website

If any of the provisions given on the Website/application is deemed invalid, cancelled or impossible to implement by any reason, the given conditions will be reviewed individually and shall not have any impact on the authenticity and implementation of the other provisions.

Amendments Introduced into the Conditions

Occasionally we change these Conditions, for instance, when we are updating the functionality of our Services or there are some normative changes. Correspondingly, we suggest to review the site periodically and check whether any changes are made. The information on any changes will be known for you through the new Conditions uploaded to this site. The mentioned changes shall become valid immediately upon publishing on this site.